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Announcing the 8th annual Curt's Cyclery Century. This event is always fun and well-attended!

One of the elements that makes the C3 so popular is the option for riders to accomplish riding "100 miles in one day" by riding 20, 34 or 66-mile "laps" on the scenic, lightly traveled roads around Nazareth. While the ride is fun our real focus continues to be raising funds for "Hands for Matt". Below is a friend's description of the extent of Matt's injuries..........

"Matt and his son were in a bad ATV accident on Labor Day in 2015. He suffered severe injuries for which he was hospitalized for2 months. Being a diabetic he suffered kidney failure while in the hospital. Also during his stay he developed CALCIPHYLAXIS. This is a very rare disease that is caused by his diabetes and kidney failure. It attacks the toes , fingers , & spreads. Once found, Matt ended up losing his right leg below the knee. It attacked his fingers, causing him to lose basically all his fingers on the left hand, & 3 tips down to the knuckles on the right hand. He also has it in his left foot but is being treated at this time. So far treatments have held of the disease, but he cannot put pressure on that leg. Matt’s insurance has denied his request to get fitted with new robotic hands ( fingers ). He cannot hold normal objects like you and I, so these new hands would let him try to get back to some normalcy of living." Our goal this year is to raise funds to help Matt with the purchase of 'bionic hands' to allow him to perform daily tasks more easily!

Registration coming soon!