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16 Mar 2017

Curt's Cyclery Century (C3)

Announcing the 7th annual Curt's Cyclery Century benefiting Angel 34. This event is always fun and well-attended!

One of the elements that makes the C3 so popular is the option for riders to accomplish riding "100 miles in one day" by riding 20, 34 or 66-mile "laps" on the scenic, lightly traveled roads around Nazareth. While the ride is fun our real focus continues to be raising funds for Angel 34.

What is Angel 34?

Angel 34 is a local foundation that assists families and children battling cancer. Created in 2003, Angel 34 has been continuously committed to bringing hope and healing to children and families affected by childhood cancer. Our goal is to advance treatment options so that one day we may live in a world without cancer.

Childhood Cancer remains the number one disease killer of children, however, in the past 20 long years, there has not been any new drug developed to specifically fight pediatric cancer.

Angel 34 has dedicated themselves to changing those statistics through several channels, including research. Their global mission to support research and various grant programs encourages advancements in science, doctors' knowledge and expertise and funding creative programs dedicated toward finding a cure and advancements in treatment options. Curt's Cyclery is a proud supporter of Angel 34 and hopes that one day we ALL can find a cure for childhood cancer.

Angel 34's mission is to support programs that:

  • Will increase the survival rate among children with cancer
  • Enhance their quality of life
  • Expand the discovery of treatment options
  • Expand research and treatment options of all kinds of childhood cancer
  • Explore the development of childhood cancer
  • treatments vs. adult cancer hand-me-down drug options that statistically often don't work
  • Monitor timelines, objectives and results in our supported research programs

For more information on Angel 34, please click here