Posted on
28 Aug 2017

How to Choose a Mountain Bike

When it comes to the process of buying a mountain bike, there are many factors you’ll want to consider. Sure, you’ve already decided that you’re going with a bike style that’s perfect for riding through rougher terrain, but have you considered where exactly you’ll be riding it? How far you think you’ll be riding it? And most importantly, how advanced are you in the scope of bike riding? Don’t let yourself get confused; come talk to the professionals at Curt’s Cyclery. Our specialists are trained to know exactly which bike you’ll be needing for your adventurous goals.

What to Consider

When considering which mountain bike is perfect for you, there’s a few key factors you’ll want to keep in mind: what type of bike style are you looking for (depending on where you plan to ride), suspension needs, wheel size, frame materials, gearing, and of course, brakes! At Curt’s Cyclery, we offer a wide range of mountain bikes, from trail bikes to cross-country bikes to fat-wheeled bikes for those tougher rides. Each one of our bikes is crafted for a different purpose; whether that’s to ride 25 miles on moderate terrain, or to go down steep hills and tight turns, we’re prepared to help you find your bike! Our selection is aimed at fitting you and your lifestyle. When you come into Curt’s, you’ll be sure to leave excited to get riding. We’re your number one spot for mountain bikes, so stop in and start your adventure today!